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About Fresh Canopy

It started with a dream…

Owner and founder, Joyce Gay dreamed of a family owned business. The first sale of her hand crocheted baby afghans confirmed she could make her dream a reality. She diligently researched to determine the best product to offer and discovered she could turn her childhood sewing skills into the vehicle to launch her family business.

After much research and viewing many YouTube tutorials, she found just the right pillow cover style featuring an invisible zipper, which became Fresh Canopy’s first product offering. Since that time, our offerings have grown to include full size lined curtain panels, valances, table and bed runners, box cushion covers, fabric yardage and more!

After a couple of years working the business from the house, Joyce (“the younger one”) joined forces with her sister, Theresa (“the older one”), to help with the behind the scenes work. Theresa’s manufacturing background, production planning experience and focus on multiple online sales platforms contributed to their continuing growth. Since their teaming up, Fresh Canopy has outgrown the house it started in and the first storefront on King Street in the Historic Riverside/Avondale area of Jacksonville Florida. Now located on Park Street, just across from the original storefront, Joyce and Theresa have added two highly skilled seamsters and a showroom allowing them to work with local clients in person.

We look forward to working with you, via online, phone, or in person, to bring fresh designs to your home!

Joyce Gay

Joyce Gay


I remember watching my mother sew our clothes as we were growing up. I especially remember the patchwork jackets she made from the scraps she had, for me and my sisters. I learned to sew from watching her and made many of my own clothes in my teenage years. I hung up my sewing machine after high school and didn’t really think too much about sewing until rediscovering it while researching the best item for me to sell when starting my family business. 

Since starting Fresh Canopy, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of a new business startup and the creativity of sewing beautiful things for the home. I’ve been able to work with many gifted designers and clients who have provided unique and complex projects for us to make. An adventure awaits when I hear, “Can you make it like this…” And between me and our crew, we often can!

Theresa Madrid

Theresa Madrid


When finding out I own a home décor store and workroom, most folks are impressed, thinking how much they’d like to be able to sew like I do. That’s the time I have to ‘fess up and tell them I’m not allowed to touch the sewing machines! Honestly, if it were up to me to do the sewing, we wouldn’t be here.
I am much better at the behind the scenes work. I prefer to be in the background, so it is a good fit! There is so much that needs to be done before and after the sewing is done! While a bit disappointed that I don’t sew, I know I have an important job as the resident Girl Friday for our merry little band!


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